Save A Life Inc.

Save A Life offers 20 years of Wilderness Survival and Wilderness First Aid   
               Experience and Up To Date Skills!  

The Wilderness & Remote First Aid program aims to meet the safety needs of all those who are interested in the
outdoors and the variety of experiences that can be found there. There are two levels of Wilderness & Remote
First Aid: Canadian Red Cross Certification Good For 3 Years.
Wilderness First Aid Courses Are WSIB Recognized.

The Wilderness & Remote First Aid course focuses on people who:  
  • Take day trips into the wilderness or enjoy spending time in a remote location
  • Travel in areas where help is hours away
  • Recreate within wilderness and remote areas for leisure
  • Assumes that the First Aider may spend up to 24 hours with an ill or injured person
  • 20 hours long, 2 days in class 1 day out in the field

The Advanced Wilderness & Remote First Aid course focuses on:
  • Outdoor Leaders
  • People who take extended trips into wilderness or remote locations
  • People who provide recreational or leisure experience as a professional guide
  • Assumes that the First Aider may spend more than 24 hours with the ill or injured person
  • Covers extended care in more detail
  • Covers environmental issues in remote areas that affect long-term well-being
  • Puts a stronger focus on preparation, planning, and leadership because in emergencies, group leaders must make
    informed decisions and judgment calls
  • Helps participants understand how group dynamics affect first aid
  • 40 hours long, 2 days in class with 2 or 3 days in the field

Either course may be suitable for people who work or live in a remote area depending on what kind of work they
do and the resources they have available, such as transportation, shelter, equipment, and first aid supplies.

The above courses are certified through the Canadian Red Cross, Level C and AED included. Certificates are valid
for 3 years and are taught by Paul

Standard First Aid 16 hours, includes CPR and AED.

Emergency First Aid 8 hours Choice of CPR, includes AED.

CPR, Infant, child, adult to: Lay people. 4 to 8 hours can also be incorporated in the First Aid courses

BLS CPR Level: O2 administration, suction, airway management a must for fire fighters, nurses, and first
responder/nursing students.

Wilderness Survival and Safety learns skills to keep alive and be found in a wilderness setting. Learn how to
build a shelter, fire, find water, map and compass, build a survival kit, and most important being mentally prepared.

Ice/Swift Water rescue/High Angle NFPA certified: Please contact us for more information!

STOP THE BLEED: Bleeding out is the major cause of death in a trauma. This 2 hour workshop focuses
on how to stop a deadly bleed with industrial first aid equipment, improvised, and no equipment.  or call 647-290-1233 Cell: Paul