First Aid Kit Tips!

1) Carry a will stocked, organized, and waterproof first aid kit.

2) Carry a first aid kit that meets your activity, group, and             
    environment needs.

3) Check the items and medications for expiry dates and condition.

4) Store medications at proper temperature and away from sunlight.

5) Know how and when to use the items in your kit!

6) Six Rights Of Safe Medication Administration:
Right Person, Right Medication,
    Right Dose, Right Time, Right Route, and the Right Documentation!

Basic items in your kit:

  • 8-4 x 4 gauze non stick weave                                Pain Relief:
  • 4-4" cling wrap,                                                      Extra Strength Tylenol
  • 1-Sam splint                                                            Advil
  • 1 tweezers
  • 4-triangular bandages                                             Heart Attacks/Chest Pain:
  • Benadryal Itch Relief  Stick  "bug bites"                   80 mg chewable ASA aspirin,

Severe Allergies/Allergies:
                                                                                        2-epi-pens "they come in child or adult dose.               
                                                                                        Anti Hestimine :Benadryl          

     Severe Bleeds:                                        
 1 CEL Z-Fold Hemostatic Guaze
  • Variety of sizes band aids water proof
  • Moleskin "blisters"
  • Saw for cutting branches                                          Wound Care:
  • Paramedic scissors                                                  60 cc syringe                                                                               
  • Aloe vera gel 100% "superficial burns"                    Betadine antiseptic Solution
  • Wilderness first aid booklet                                      Personal Protection:
  • Pen and SOAP/Incident reports                               4 pair "your size" non latex gloves
  • Communication device                                             Safety mask for CPR
  • 2 rolls water proof adhesive tape
  • 2-space blankets "warmth"                               Note: Read and Follow All Directions When Taking Medications or Other Drugs!
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Below are some examples of
Improvised First Aid cases you can
use to store your items.